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A Dematerialized Bedside Table

Product Design Prototyping


Comodo represents the dematerialized alternative to the classic bedside table.
Its main target are students especially those moving in other cities than their home town. Due to the continuos moving from one house to another and to the small size of most student rooms we designed something that doesn’t take much space and can be hung on different surfaces while having different option to store what people usually put on their bedside table.

It’s made up by different layers of fabrics hosting some cuts to hang objects and a repositionable pockets system. It can also be folded into a practical shoulder bag to be relocated easily with all the objects still inside.


The main challenge of this project was to start from skratch with just a word, Dematerialization. It required to have some brainstorming sessions to define the users we wanted to address and the scenario where to start designing our project to end up with a crafted concept and its prototype.

  • Date

    February 1, 2015

  • Skills

    Illustrator, Manual Skills

  • Team:

    Stefano Contenti, Ylenia Franco, Chiara Manieri, Gabriele Merlin, Elisa Zaino

  • Instructors:

    Claudia De Giorgi, Beatrice Lerma

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